Band or DJ?

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There is no doubt that the music at your reception can make or break your guests experience, but how do you choose a band over a DJ or vice versa?  Todays topic is how do you choose and what are some pros and cons of each?


Let's start with some pros and cons of both live bands versus the use of a DJ.


  • Live bands are great for kicking up the party and creating a fun atmosphere for all of your guests, from your little brother to your grandmother, everyone will get excited about getting out on the dance floor.
  • Musicians can easily change the tempo to a song to personalize everything to what you and your fiancé want.
  • If you are thinking about having a themed wedding, a live band can really add the icing on the cake, so to speak. For example, a 1920s themed wedding wouldn't be complete without a live jazz band.
  • Bands are most likely more expensive than a DJ, especially if you are looking for the best.
  • A band can't bring as much variety to the music as a DJ can.
  • Bands are usually loud, if you are planning a small reception or if your reception is at a small venue, the band might overpower it.


  • You will have a wider range and variety of music to be able to choose from to play during your reception with a DJ. 
  • With a DJ, there won't have to be any breaks in the music. This can occur when you have a live band, who will want a break in the middle of the reception.
  • Sometimes it is more special to hear your first dance song by the artist who made you fall in love with it.
  • Sometimes having a DJ can be a hit or miss. There is always a chance of getting a boring DJ who has no enthusiasm or character to get your guests involved and out on the dance floor. 
  • There is also the chance that a DJ may play 3-4 line dances in a row, seriously, we don't want to do the Electric Slide, the Macarena, the Cha Cha Slide and then the Chicken dance right in a row!
  • Last, without informing your DJ, there is also a chance that he could make simple mistakes such as introducing the bride and groom by the same last name, but the bride hasn't changed her last name. Or announce the father's speech when he is not present.

Now that we have discussed some of the pros and cons of both hiring a live band and a DJ, the most important thing to consider when making your decision is know the theme you want for your wedding, the vibe you want to create for you guests and don't forget to make sure you have a set budget.  Make sure that whatever you do decide to go with to go and see the band or DJ perform to see if they are truly right for you. No, there is no need to crash a wedding, but if you know that they will be playing a reception at an event space or club, you can usually sneak  in to get a peek and watch for their style and vibe. Last, be sure to meet with the person who will be performing to see that you have meshing vibes and that they have all of the necessary information and details that you need for them to know for the night of the wedding.

Here are some sites that can be helpful in finding you performers and DJs in your area:
Good luck to all of you and happy planning!

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