The Dress has Arrived!!

12:44:00 AM

My dress has officially arrived everybody!!!

Started the morning with a cappuccino and a banana, then off to my mom's salon to get my hair done.

2010-10-29 10.25.15.jpg
Cute, huh??
Now off to the bridal salon to try on and "inspect" my dress!!

Two of my best friends, Britton and Amaya came with me, since my mom was unable to come. I am so grateful to them for coming and being a part of this with me. After trying on the dress now in my size, it is all starting to come together. Everything is really starting to feel real. And I am LOVING it!! It is an absolutely gorgeous dress, can't wait to share photos of it with you all after the day. =)

There will be a few adjustments that will need to be made, but for the most part it almost fit perfectly the first time. This was almost hard to believe, because basically everyone who I have talked to has warned me that the dress would most likely come in huge and have many alterations done. It was nice to have the dress fit so well on the first try. It really made me feel like a bride.

I guess the only little hint that I can give you is that it is an Essence of Australia designed dress, very classic, vintage and elegant. I really can't wait to see Morgan's face when he sees me in the dress for the first time walking down the isle, I hope he cries! Another person who I can't wait to see their reaction, is my dad. My dad's opinion really means a lot to me, so I really am looking forward to the walk down the isle with him. I am his first daughter and the first of his children to get married so it will be a very special moment.

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