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So today was a long day of school and I am just now managing to roll myself into bed at 12:45AM. I wanted to leave you all with a little food for thought as you lay in your beds all snug. I am in a stress and anxiety management class right now and we have been studying different techniques and models in which to limit our stress. Of course some may say that you can eliminate stress, but let's face it we live in an ever changing and super driven society where there is always going to be something to stress us out. But my new found discovery, which I'm sure everyone already knows, but may need to be reminded from time to time is that in times of stress try to take yourself out of the situation for a minute or two and reflect on the positive things in your life. I just recently did a collage of "a few of my favorite things" to destress myself. Although it didn't get rid of the stressful situations that I was going through, it did however, give me a "breath of fresh air" and a moment of clarity that things aren't really that bad and I will make it through.

One of the biggest stressors for me right now, besides school, is that my fiancé lives approximately 250 miles away from me. While I am finishing up school here in Gainesville, he is back home in St. Petersburg finishing up school via the UF online business program.

Side note: I just realized that I haven't told you a thing about my fiancé...where do I start?
Well, his name is Morgan (yes, we are both named Morgan). The first thing we usually get when introducing ourselves is "Oh, For the People!" Like we haven't heard that one before...but then it's usually something along the lines of "How does that work? Doesn't that get really confusing?" But the answer is, no not really. I guess after 3 years you just get used to it, plus I never am talking about myself in the third person. And he always says that he just assumes everyone is talking to me. haha =)  But this name thing did frustrate my dad, of all people, the most and so he calls Morgan "Captain". And his family calls me "missy". So everyone's got it straight for the most part, but it is really fun to be marrying someone with my same name.
the "other" Morgan <3
Are you dating or married to someone with the same first or last name?

Going back to my fiancé, Morgan. He is the absolute most wonderful man that I have ever known. And I'm sure everyone says that about their spouses, especially in the phase that I am in...newly engaged, on cloud nine. But it is true, I still get butterflies when I think about him or when we kiss. And I know that he is my soul mate, the person put on this Earth by God to be with me. And I for him. We have been together for nearly 3 years now, and just recently got engaged when we were traveling in Italy this past summer for a month. Oh, I will have to save that story for another day...

Alrighty, now that you know a little bit about my fiancé I can continue on why we are living so far apart from each other, even though we are both attending the University of Florida. His mother, this past Spring was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The second he found out, he moved home to help take care of his family. But of course, home for us is in St. Petersburg. His dad really isn't in the picture, as his parents have been divorced for almost 10 years now, and his dad just recently moved to Pennsylvania. So, his mom, Theresa (also funny, my mom's name is Theresa; Theresa, Theresa...I swear if it wasn't meant to be!) got a double mastectomy and just recently finished her chemotherapy. But Morgan has remained at home to help out in any way that he can. It is a large burden to bare when you are only 21 and not only in school but taking care of your family and supporting yourself financially. He is so strong and I admire him so much for everything that he does. If nothing else, from this situation I know that Morgan will always put his family first and that he will always be there for me and when we decide to start our own family I know that he will be an incredible dad!

So where was all of this going? Stress. You have it, I have it, just in different forms. But throughout everything if you can see the good and find faith, you will be able to get through. Never forget: "God doesn't give us more than we can handle" and although sometimes it feels that we have reached our breaking point, it is in those times that we must hold on firm to our faith and let God take control.


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