Saturday Morning Cartoons

11:17:00 AM

Don't you remember the days when you were a kid when Saturday mornings would consist of watching cartoons and munching on fruity pebbles followed by playing outside with the local neighborhood kids? Watching the Flinstones, Rugrats, and the Jetsons. Man do I miss those days of absolutely no responsibility or stresses.

I was reminded of these times as I started my Saturday morning as an adult. Wake up at 7:30, start with a cappuccino, skim the pool, wash my car, clean my room, and all before 1:00PM. Then I am off to volunteer at Noche de Gala from 3:30 until about midnight. It is a never ending process I swear.

What did you used to do on Saturday mornings as a child? Did you make breakfast with your parents? Are there any fond memories that you have from weekends as a kid?


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