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So the topic of today is finding the perfect wedding dress. I am sure all of you brides to be out there have been searching diligently through bridal magazines and throughout all of the online resources there are to find your style and what you think is the perfect wedding dress. It is different for all of us how we find that perfect dress, for some it is almost like finding a diamond in the ruff. Searching for months on end and trying on hundreds. But for others it can be the very first dress we put on. I thankfully only tried on total of 6 before I found my dress. But it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I love it. It is hard buying something, first of all that is so expensive to wear for 5 hours of your life, and second of all to not even see it again for 7-8 months after you buy it. Of course they tell you that they are making it to your measurements and so you are so excited that when you get to that first fitting it is going to fit like a glove...most of the time that isn't the whole truth, but I will let you know for sure when I get my dress in :)  I purchased my dress back in July, which of course might have been a little crazy, since I am not getting married until next October, but it is one of those things, you know when you know.

If there is one piece of advice that I can give all of you searching for a wedding gown, is not to try too many on. Once you have tried on so many, it is really hard to remember the ones that you liked. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling, and if you are having that feeling, "this could be the one" stop right there! Because when you start second guessing yourself is when you get lost and confused.

Here are a few sites that you might want to check out if you are at the beginning of your dress shopping:

But there are plenty more, and of course you can only get a feel for a dress on a computer screen so much, it is way better to go into the store and try some things on. For example, I thought that I wanted a flowy, not strapless dress that showed off my back, but ended up with something completely the opposite and LOVE it! It was one of the only dresses that I tried on that made me feel like a "bride."

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