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So today I set up an appointment for a consultation with my florist and it has gotten me feeling the flower craze. Our colors for our wedding are deep blue, purple, and ivory. The reason why we chose these colors, first and foremost is because both my fiance and I are huge fans of the color blue, as well as our location has these beautiful jewel toned windows and these colors would look wonderful next to. And also with the Gulf of Mexico in the background, can't go wrong. 

So the question is, how to do blue flowers without being tacky? 

The answer: There are really no true blue flowers, so I am told, they are all just a hue of purple, so my main suggestion for all of you blue lovers out there is to NEVER paint your flowers, go with what is natural. They will still look beautiful and blue...look for hydrangea, they are in season all year round here in Florida. Also, grape hyacynths are a really unique and fun flower that is blue. Delphinium are also another option. Visit for a list of more blue flowers.

Here are some flower arrangements that I am going to share when I go in to talk with Brian from Redman Steele Florist.


Blue is a beautiful color for any season too, very rich and romantic color. Here is some of my favorite blue wedding details:
I absolutely love the blue shoes! What better way to show off your "something blue" than with an awesome pair of heels??
Spice it up with some fun blue jewelry and accessories

I love these soft teal details for a beach wedding.
Love this cake, simple and sweet!

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