Spinning Plates

5:20:00 PM

I have been talking with my best friend, Brittany lately about how it is so important to find time in your day for a little R&R. Yes most of you could argue, "there is just not enough time int he day", "trust me, I have way too much stuff to do, there is no way I can take a second away." I have to tell you guys, that if you don't ever stop and you just keep on go, go, going, you are going to end up dead or with a heart attack due to stress and anxiety by the time you are 30. Trust me when I say this that nothing is more important than your health. It is not good for you to run yourself into the ground!

My dad likes to explain this phenomena as spinning plates. You know those guys at the circus who spin the plates balanced on a long stick?

This guy!!
Think about it this way, each item on your to do list is a plate that you have to keep spinning. If there are 10 plates that you are trying to keep spinning, they are going to move really slow and some might even fall off of their holder. But if you focus your energy on just 2 or 3 plates, you can make sure that they keep spinning and don't come crashing to the ground.

The point of this entry is to inform you all to "stop and smell the roses", the old saying rings true even more so today as we all buzz around like busy little bees around the hive, never stopping for a breath of fresh air. I can't press enough, and I have learned this first hand, the importance of taking a break. Even if that mean stopping to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or reading a book, going for a walk. Anything! Get yourself away from the many things that you are doing for even 20 or 30 minutes and you won't believe how refreshed you will feel and actually how much more productive you will be when you go back to work.

Take up an activity like yoga or daily meditation if you feel you can't take a break from your work in the middle of the day. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised at the results of how much less stress you feel at the end of even your first session.

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