Wake up Call

8:48:00 AM

After an enjoyable wake up call from my parents at 7:23AM I am now ready to go! Exam in one class at 10:40, so I will be burying my head in my books for the few hours left I have before the exam and then heading to the gym for a good workout.

I have to tell you one of my vices and that is cappuccinos. I drink one almost every morning. Thankfully my mom found an old espresso maker in their garage a couple of months ago and I am now able to make my own, saves me a bundle not having to go to Starbucks! But no offense to Starbucks, their cappuccinos aren't that great anyways....sorry. I might add that because I do make mine from a tiny little machine, my milk doesn't get as frothy as from the industrial ones, but whatever, tastes just as good! This is the one thing that Morgan and I really want as one of our wedding gifts, a really good cappuccino maker.

mmmm doesn't that look amazing?!?! This isn't a home made one... :(

What is your weakness? Something that probably isn't the best for you but you absolutely love?? Or maybe it is just something that you do on a daily basis that makes you happy.

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