Sunday Cool Down

8:13:00 PM

It is a bit chilly here in St. Pete, starting to feel like Fall! Finally...

With the time change this morning, it was definitely nice to have that extra hour of sleep. After church, the family and I headed to the grocery store to pick up some goodies for a little family brunch.

On the menu was fruit smoothies including raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, fresh pineapple and apple juice, delicious! While my brother was making those, I was cutting up some fresh watermelon to snack on.

2010-11-07 11.01.08.jpg
2010-11-07 11.01.55.jpg
berries = delicious!
Our smoothies were followed by a scrumptious egg white, mushrooms, and turkey sausage.
2010-11-07 11.53.43.jpg
cheesy goodness!
 2010-11-07 11.58.34.jpg

After our brunch we took a family trip to the park to play some tennis and throw around a football. You know some family bonding time.

Later, I was able to meet up some of my best girl friends for some cappuccinos at Paciugo. I was definitely in need of some girl time!

Best thing on Earth!

The rest of the evening was dedicated to finishing homework and spending some more time with the family before I head back up to Gainesville. I know that I haven't done any running for the past couple of days, tomorrow I will be back in the groove, and will keep you all posted. Being home throws me off my groove sometimes :)

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