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All of this chilly weather has really inspired my brain in thinking about winter wedding ideas. Most people when thinking about planning their wedding choose either Spring or Fall because these are usually the nicest seasons of the year, not too hot, but not too cold. I want to shatter the stereotype right now and show you some absolutely amazing winter wedding ideas.

To go into a little background, Morgan and I were actually at first seriously thinking about having our wedding on New Years Eve of 2011. That day holds a very special meaning to us, as it is the night that we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. Anyways, the reason why we didn't decide to go with this in the end was mostly because the venue that I had fallen in love with wasn't open New Years Eve and would not be able to host our wedding. Another thing that played into our decision to have our wedding in October vs. December is because we wanted to have an outside ceremony and reception and weather in December is pretty unpredictable here in Florida. Sometimes it can be cold, while other years it has been warm, our weather here really is a coin toss in the Sunshine state.

But back to the point on hand, I was pondering the idea of winter weddings this afternoon as I lay bundled up on the couch doing some homework and wanted to share them with everyone.

These twinkly lighted and bejeweled trees are the perfect touch to a winter ceremony.

Decor for a winter wedding is basically the same for any other season, the only difference is that you can really play up fun winter items into your ceremony and reception that might not be necessary in say a summertime wedding. For example, giving your guests hot chocolate or hot cider at the ceremony is a nice, warm touch when its cold out side. 

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Pictures from Click here to see more photos from this cozy winter backyard wedding!

Another way to warm up your winter occasion is tons of candlelight. This touch is warm and inviting and your guests will enjoy the nice ambiance that a plethora of candlelight will bring to the feeling of the room.
The image above is from Laura Ivanova Photography

The image above is from Murakimi Photography 

And to save yourself the trouble and ensure that the candles will be burning all night long, you can always use battery operated candles. Of course these won't give you quite the same feel as real candles, but manage to result in creating the same feel.

If you had a winter wedding or have been thinking about having your wedding in the winter time, share you thoughts and comments. I love to hear feedback :)

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