Yucky Morning Run

7:22:00 PM

My run this morning was a slightly easy 3.51 miles. The only thing that was really unmortivating was the yucky day that it is outside today. It is cloudy and damp with a ton of moisture in the air, to say the least I would have rather been snuggled up in my bed getting an extra hour of sleep. But as I lay there in my bed contimplating that extra sleep I remembered how important it is that I get out there and run. If I don't get used to running at least 5 days a week, I won't be ready for the race. Once I was up I was ready to go, it is just taking that initial step out of the bed that is the hardest.

my route

I was jammin' out to country radio on Pandora for this morning's run since my ipod was out of power. When I first started running back in high school I used to not listen to any music when I ran. It was my time to think and reflect on the day ahead or perhaps the previous day. It was my time to talk to God and to talk out any problems that I may have been going through. Somewhere along the line I found myself listening to music for my runs. I do like listening to music, because it is able to keep me focused and at the same time distracts me from anything else around me. But time and again I purposely don't bring music with me so I can enjoy the beauty around me.

What to you say, music or no music while running?

Breakfast this morning consisted of a banana and a cinnamon raisin english muffin with fresh ground peanut butter. Yumm!

The balance of salty and sweet was perfect and satisfied my rumbling tummy.

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