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Green is on the rise in society today and there is no exception when it comes to weddings. Being an eco-friendly bride not only is good for the planet but also gives you a chance to show your guests how much you care about our Earth. Some ideas to make your wedding more eco-friendly include:

  • Minimize the amount of driving your guests will need to do. Have your ceremony and reception in the same location.
  • Donate any leftover food to the homeless shelter, rather than throwing it away.
  • Give eco-friendly favors:
    • Give a charitable gift certificate, donate to a great charity organization in your guests' names.
Leave these at each guests' place at the table
    • Give your guests a tree to plant
Tree Seedlings in Natural Burlap
How cute are these?
Blooming Petal Cone - Plant it & watch it GROW!
flower seeds in these precious petal cones are a favor your guests will love. 
  • Use eco-friendly vendors, such as caterers who use local ingredients from your local farmers.
It is so important to give back to our magnificent planet that provides so much for us. Here are a few more eco-friendly ideas for the philanthropist in you.

Pictured above: bouquet of lotus blossoms (known as "the symbol of cosmic harmony"), green glass goblets & tumblers, potted Irish moss party favors, organic cotton napkins tied with leaves, biodegradable plates, and an exotic bamboo-themed cake.

For more ideas about making your wedding environmentally friendly take a look at this:
The Green Bride Guide: How to Create an Earth-Friendly Wedding on Any Budget
Buy it here
Look for more eco-friendly wedding tips here at and have a happy green wedding :)

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