The Man Who Stole My Heart

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I have introduced you to my fiancé, but I have never really told you the whole story behind our meeting and thus falling in love. Our story is a unique one, to say the least, it really is a classic tale of once you stop looking for that  someone, God just plops them right in front of you. Let us start at the very beginning:

Our first Sea World

It all started the beginning of the Fall semester of my Freshman year of college. I was invited to a party at one of my brother's friend's houses to kick off the beginning of the new semester. During the night, I had apparently met Morgan, but didn't really remember him. I guess I had made an impression on him though, because he had remembered me and a couple of months later toward the end of the semester invited me to a "party" at his apartment. The party ended up just being Morgan, myself, and like 4 of his guy friends, so it was a little awkward at first, but I have always been the type of girl that always hangs out with the guys, so it was pretty easy to fit in. 
Morgan and I hit it off right away and were flirting the entire night. I had to go to the bathroom at one point in the night and when I came out Morgan was standing there, just blocking the doorway. I asked, "do you have to use the bathroom?" and he just said, "no" as he put his hand up in front of the doorway blocking the exit. I gave him a weird look as he walked up to me and said I've been wanting to tell you something all night; I really like you and was wondering if it would be okay if I kissed you? I said yes, and the rest is history.

Morgan's Birthday 2008

From that moment on Morgan and I became inseparable. We spent the last week or so of our time in Gainesville just talking and getting to know each other. For Christmas I took him to Sea World for our first date. I think at this moment I really knew that he was different than any guy I had ever met and I was so excited to just spend time with him. I got nervous before I saw him and butterflies each time we kissed. It was magical, I couldn't believe that someone so perfect could actually exist.

We have now been dating for almost 3 years and it has been such a fun journey thus far. I know that Morgan is my soul mate and that he is the man that God put on this Earth for me. He is perfect for me in every way, my rock. He always knows just what to say to make me smile and really helps keep me balanced.

On the via del'amore (Road of Love) in Cinque Terre, Italy

Now that we are engaged, it is just the beginning of a new chapter in our lives together. Our journey thus far has been a wild and crazy ride and I am just so excited to start our lives together as husband and wife!

To be continued...

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