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Just a little something I put together as some inspiration for my wedding. Try it here:

I love lots of vintage, classic, and personal touches when it comes to weddings. When I go to a wedding I want to see the couple in all of the details, things that they like, and to feel their personalities through the theme and feel of the whole wedding. 

Morgan and I started talking about our wedding basically since the day we got engaged. I was so excited and giddy that I couldn't help myself. At first we talked about a beach wedding; we both love the beach and thought it would make for a romantic, fun and laid back environment. But as the plans went on further, we ultimately decided that we wanted our wedding to be formal. You only get married once is one of my key phrases at this point in my life. It is the one day in your life that you can dress like a princess and be the queen of the ball. So for Morgan and I, both being very old fashioned, decided to have a more formal affair, with a touch of vintage Italian flair.

So make your wedding about YOU! Make your personalities really shine through and have the time of your life planning every detail. It is such a special time in your life and you really don't want to rush through it so fast that you can't enjoy it.

to be continued...

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