All Growed Up

6:04:00 AM

As I get ready this morning, butterflies are whipping around in my stomach frantically. Morgan and I are going in to the city and into a few banks this morning before work to discuss and see if we can be pre-approved for a loan to buy that house I showed you over the weekend. I can't believe it, this is almost unreal, if everything goes smoothly, then by the end of the day we will have put an offer on our very first home together. We are just all growed up now, leaving the nest and starting a new life together on our own.

It is a feeling of excitement as well as nervousness, I can only hope that what we make in income together is enough, seeing as I am basically without a job for the next 3 months as I am interning full time without pay. But after that I will graduate April 30th and hopefully have a job lined up before then.
I hope this is us :)
Of course, still even if we do get the house, although I will be jumping for joy with happiness, it still will be a tad bitter sweet, seeing as Morgan and I won't be living together until after we are married. I know, my family is quite old fashioned, and I really don't mind, because I am as well, I am just ready to move on to the next chapter in my life. I am an adult now and I think if Morgan and I own a home together, it really isn't that big of a deal if I live in it before we are married. Oh well...I will deal with that one another day (let's tackle one obstacle at a time).

What are your thoughts on living together before you get married? Did you live with your spouse before getting married? Tell me your thoughts in the comment box:

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