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For Christmas my mom got me this box which says my slogan on it. This quote really does sum up how I believe in living my life. I am now using it to hold all my wedding day items, such as jewelry, handkerchiefs, and any other nick-naks I might have on the day of the wedding that are special to me.
Speaking of jewelry, the jewelry you wear on your wedding day really puts the final touches on the look you want to create for yourself and for your bridal party. The other day while meandering through TJ Maxx I couldn't help but stop at the fine jewelry section. As a glanced into the case, I came across a pair of earrings that I thought would be perfect for the wedding! They definitely were a statement but not too overdone, and they had that sort of vintage look that I was going for.

After countless debates with myself whether I should buy them, I consulted with my best friend, Brittany, who reassured me that they were beautiful and that I should get them. If anything, I could always return them later, if I found something I liked better. Plus, being as inexpensive as they were, it really wasn't breaking the bank to make the purchase.

The earrings! Only $24.00 baby :)

These sterling silver earrings have definitely grown on me in the last few weeks and I have decided that I am going to keep them. I tried them on with the dress a could of weeks ago and they were perfect. Things are slowly coming together, now I just need to find a simple bracelet to match and an awesome hair piece.

If you are looking for your wedding jewelry, my piece of advice is, look anywhere. You never know what you might come across that catches your eye, even flea markets sometimes have beautiful jewelry. It is all about keeping your eyes and mind open. Just because your jewelry isn't designer doesn't mean that it isn't just 
as beautiful. Try Amazon or Etsy online, where there is constantly new merchandise coming and going. Like these stunning earrings and bridal jewelry sets I found on Amazon. Search for bridal jewelry

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  1. Hey Morgan! I just remembered something I wanted to share with you last week: we stayed with a couple in Dallas who had a fabulous wedding, and I just found it here ... you've probably seen it before because I think you mentioned that website, but just wanted to show you!!! PS: Your potential new house looks super cute!


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