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Over the Summer Britton, Amaya and myself went around looking for bridesmaids dresses. We started at the International Mall in Tampa where there was absolutely nothing there. Word of advice, just go to a bridal store and save yourself hours of time looking at department stores that now-a-days don't really carry anything that is classy enough for a wedding. Don't get me wrong there were some beautiful dresses that we came across, but they just didn't feel right for a wedding. I don't want my girls to feel like they are going to a homecoming dance, I want them to feel elegant, sophisticated, beautiful, I want them to feel as good as me in my dress. Eyes will be as much on them as they walk down the aisle as they will be on me. Plus they will be in my wedding photos forever, I don't want anyone to feel silly or uncomfortable.

After the International Mall we decided to check out what David's Bridal had, just because we were in the area and thought, what the heck. We actually ended up finding some pretty promising contenders and I think I may have found the dress that I really want them to wear...

Attempt one:

Two of my beautiful bridesmaids, Amaya and Britton <3
I like the neckline, but it just seems kind of...well, boring. This is definitely a no.

 Attempt two:
Cute, flowy; nice for an outside, garden wedding for sure. Just not too crazy about the colors. If our color scheme was black and white I might like this more...but I really would like the girls to wear a deep blue.

Attempt three:
I absolutely LOVE this dress, and the color too! Surprisingly it is very flattering on all the girls that have tried it on so far...we may have found a winner! But I will be keeping my eyes peeled for anything else that comes along. At least I definitely know that this is the color that they will be wearing. Marine blue. Very elegant and an understated sexy...I like!

Here is a picture of the back of the dress from

Well, I think we did good for our first time looking at bridesmaid dresses. I will definitely keep you posted on the final decision.

So what do you think of the final dress? 

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  1. Definitely try Aria Dress. They only have locations in NYC, LA, and DC but they have a mail system where they will mail you dresses to try on. There are TONS to choose from. The fabric is beautiful and light/airy... GREAT for a FL wedding.

    Check them out online at Tak, the designer is amazing! I'm using them for my gowns. :)

  2. Thanks Christina! I loved the dresses on Aria, beautiful. I think I might get one of the styles sent to try on.


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