The House?

10:50:00 PM

After hours of searching online at houses for sale in our area, Morgan and I found approximately 10-15 that were worthy of looking at. After driving by all of them and peeking in the windows we were able to narrow it down to approximately 4-5 top runners.

A couple of house hunters we are

Well earlier today my dad was able to get the lock box code for one of our picks to give us a peak inside...dun dun dun...It was horrible! For the price that they were asking, it wasn't even close to what we had in mind. As we left the first house we decided to just take a look at one of Morgan and I's favorite neighborhoods to show my dad a house that we really liked, but unfortunately had a contract pending so was out of the running. After passing that house we saw another house for sale that was actually pretty cute, so we decided to stop and check it out.

After getting the lock box code and finding out that the house had just recently been foreclosed on, reducing the price from $145,000 to $109,000...I was quite anxious to get inside and check it out!

It turned out to be PERFECT! (at least for a starter home) A quaint little 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home (we could easily later add another bathroom), hardwood floors, large kitchen, living room and dining room as well as a pool. I we are in love with this house! So Tuesday morning as soon as the banks open up, Morgan and I are going to go into the bank to try to get pre-approved for a loan and then we will be able to make an offer. Sorry if I am a bit too animated but I just can't even contain myself at how excited I am that we might have a house of our own soon!

Here is a sneak peak at the joint ;)
Who's that good looking fellow on the front porch?
May be in need of some landscaping, but that's minor.

I guess the birds wanted to help..hehe
View of the fron/living room
Big kitchen makes me happy :D
And it has a pool?!
Well that's all the photos I have for now. I will let you all know more about what happens once Morgan and I go to the bank. Cross your fingers and pray for us that we can get approved to buy this house. I can seriously see this as being our home...this could be our house!

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