Italian Amore

10:20:00 PM

After spending a wonderful, relaxing afternoon with Morgan, I wanted to share some of my wedding inspiration with you all. As I sit here watching David Tutera's "My Fair Wedding", I was inspired to share some of my wedding details, for my "Italian Amore" wedding theme.

Morgan and I have been really trying hard to tie in an Italian theme to our wedding. Ever since traveling to Italy, I just have fallen in love. I am in love with the country, the culture, the people, the language, the food...when it comes to Italian there is just about nothing NOT to love about it. So it is no surprise that our wedding is going to have some Italian theme ;)

Here is some Italian inspiration that I couldn't help but save to my favorites..hehe
Italian Blue (Set of 8 envelopes and cards)
Italian Blue Envelopes and Cards from Etsy
Italy - passport wedding invitation
Italy Passport wedding invitation
Amore Pillow - Italian Love
Amore pillow from Etsy
Love Birds Ring Bowl Ti Amo
Love Birds ring bowl - "my love"
Style GEORGE - Made in Italy dress
Gorgeous Made in Italy reception party dress
Italian Wedding Vase Ready to Break
Italian tradition  "Breaking the Vase"
VIOLA Peacock Themed Wedding Invitation with a European Twist in Black Bronze and Olive Green
Peacock invitation set
Italy is definitely my favorite place on the planet, next to wherever I am with Morgan. If I could be in Italy again with Morgan, I would be there in a heart beat!

As for our Italian wedding details that we have so far...well we have a delicious Italian inspired menu for our reception with lots of tasty food that everyone will love. Also, our venue really has a true Italy feel, seeing as the house is Venetian Renaissance inspired architecture. Absolutely breathtaking. There will also be some more Italian details, but I will reveal those as they come ;)

Have a wonderful Sunday night everyone!

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