New Years Eve Recap

11:58:00 PM

Last night's festivities were definitely rockin' as myself and my hubby-to-be not only rang in the new year but also celebrated being officially together for 3 years. As we celebrated our anniversary it really made me think back on all of the wonderful times we have shared together and really made me appreciate all that he does and is.

Our night started out with drinks at Bonefish Grill and then led into dinner at Oscar's, a quaint little restaurant on St. Pete Beach. Surprisingly Oscar's wasn't too crowded seeing as it was New Years Eve, so we thought we were going to be able to enjoy a nice quite meal together. Oh boy were we in for a surprise! As Oscar's normally has a live pianist who normally plays soft, well this night in particular there was a live singer instead. Now not to bash anyone, but it was a bit like being a a karaoke bar, loud and obnoxious, and it is needless to say that our quiet dinner soon turned into a boisterous affair, where we could barely hear ourselves think let alone have a nice conversation with one another. Now, I must reestablish Oscar's creditably by saying that the food was absolutely fantastic and the service was impeccable, it was just the darn singer that truly ruined the experience. Better luck next time I guess.

After dinner, Morgan and I headed to a little New Years shindig at a friend's home. We had an absolutely wonderful time, but by the time the clock struck midnight and the ball hit the floor, we were pretty much ready to turn in for the night. I know, how lame right? But here are some photos to recap the night:

Kelsey and I all dolled up :)
My main squeeze
Steeling a little smooch
The wonderful host and hostess, Vidak and Heather
Just a few guests starting to gather for the ball drop
My brother (left) and Morgan (right) ready to celebrate the new year
My New Years Kiss as the clock struck 12
Now it is time to think of my new year's resolution.  I'll have to get back to you on that one...


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