Rainy Day Wedding

1:54:00 PM

It is raining cats and dogs here in St. Petersburg and all this gloomy weather has really made me think about what am I going to do if it rains on my wedding day? Our entire venue, ceremony and reception is outside, so if it rains, we have to change everything.

While thinking about all this, I came across a beautiful wedding that happened on a rainy day. It definitely put my mind at ease for if it were to rain on our wedding day. Although I would rather have it be sunny and beautiful outside, this wedding will definitely have you singing in the rain:

All of these fabulous photos are compliments of True Love Photo

View the whole wedding here

To make things even better, Mike Jensen of Jensen Films made a film of the wedding. This film will definitely make you smile! It definitely made the idea of rain on my wedding day actually not seem like such a horrible thing...check it out for yourself

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