Valentine's Day and Chocolate Croissants

5:22:00 PM

February 7th is Morgan's birthday and I have been having the hardest time deciding on what to get him. It's hard because we have Christmas the 25th, then our Anniversary is January 1 (for now at least), his birthday is Feb. 7th, then Valentine's Day is Feb 14th. I swear December through February is draining my bank account! I still haven't been able to completely pay off Christmas, let alone start buying more things. This working 40 hours a week for free is killing me!

Thankfully Morgan and I have discussed that Valentine's Day isn't a day to get each other gifts, it is more just a day to celebrate our love and spend it together. But of course I still want to get him I think I am just going to bake him some goodies. He is absolutely crazy about my home-made croissants, but seeing as I am making those today I don't think I want to make them for him for Valentine's Day. So I think I am just going to have to come up with something new and exciting =D

Speaking of croissants, for those of you interested in my recipe and/or taste testing some of my goodies let me know. I am thinking that I might take some of my baked goods and see if I can sell them in local businesses and.or coffee shops. It would really be great to get my name out there, so when I do decide to start my bakery I won't be starting completely from scratch.

Where to start....I think to make my croissants a bit festive to the occasion of Valentine's Day I will make half the batch chocolate and the other half either strawberry or raspberry, something red for the holiday. Pre-heating the oven now, so I'll let you know later how they turn out.

hopefully mine will turn out something like this...mmmmm
Special Note:
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