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As I was strolling through Marshall's the other day I came across a beautiful pair of Nine West peep toe pumps. To my pleasant surprise there was one pair left in my size. The shoes can really complete your whole ensemble when it comes to fashion and especially your wedding. Whether you want to wear a fun, funky colored pair or simple sling backs or perhaps an elegant pair of pumps, today it is all about the shoes. Where you can find them, how much should you spend, and what style to wear depending on your venue and the whole theme of the wedding.

Let's first take a look at some great sites where you can find some awesome bridal shoes at pretty good prices. is a great site with a wide variety of styles, colors and designer brands. Here are a few pairs that I am absolutely in love with:

These are so fun and flirty, just perfect for a retro wedding or just to add a little fluff to your attire
Badgley Mischka Kismet

These Pour la Victoire Bridal pumps might be one of my all time favorite pairs of shoes. I just love the rhinestone flower detail and the peep toe, absolutely gorgeous!

Pour la Victoire Bridal and Evening
Just another reason why I LOVE these shoes...your something blue can be on the bottom of your shoe! Can you say adorable??

Another site that is great for finding that perfect pair of shoes for your wedding is Bellissima Bridal. You can find just about any type of shoe in just about any price range at this site and you will be quite pleased with all that you see. Like these (below) are definitely for the bride with a more loving budget that can spend a bit more on her shoes, with Aurora Borealis crystals, this shoe will help you make your entrance on your big day.
Benjamin Adams Charlize Bridal

Now for those of you who are interested in saving a few bucks and not spending much on your wedding shoes 6pm has a great selection as well. Check out these steals!
RSVP with flower detail - ONLY $22. 68
RSVP with rhinestone broach detailing - ONLY $19.13
I love both of these pairs of shoes. But then again I am the type of girl who is obsessed with shoes, I have way too many pairs already and am always wanting to buy more, it is a serious problem and Morgan makes fun of me all the time for it.

Some more advice when it comes to selecting your wedding shoes is to start early! I know that I am just way ahead of the game, buying mine 10 months in advance, but you should really plan ahead when purchasing your wedding shoes. Think about the color, what will match with your dress? Heel hight, how tall will you be once you have your shoes on? And don't forget that you really need to have your shoes at least by the time you start alterations on your dress. You don't want to make the mistake of wearing a different pair of shoes to alterations and then the dress being too short or too long once you find the shoes you really want to be wearing.

What about price? How much should you pay and what is considered a good price for a great pair of shoes? This is a tough one, especially for me (miss bargain shopper). I purchased my shoes from Marshall's (a discount store affiliated with TJ Maxx), but my shoes are designer so I know they will be comfortable throughout the entire night. I think the question really shouldn't be how much should I spend on my shoes, because this is really dependent on the person and the budget. You might have a $10,000 budget, but really love shoes and want to splurge on a $250 pair, and that is completely up to you. But for those of you who are on a bit more of a tight budget, don't fret and think that you are going to end up with ugly shoes, because there is definitely stuff out there. It is just a matter of starting early to kind-of get your style down and then be able to look through the discount websites and stores in your area. My shoes were $40, not expensive, but definitely one of the most expensive pairs of shoes that I own (what does that tell you about me, haha). And I have seen many more out there as I have been looking that were much cheaper, for example I saw a great pair of white sling backs the other day that were 50% off making them only $20. Now that's a steal! Just keep your eyes peeled and you will find what you want.

Last, don't forget to break the shoes in. This is vital for every bride! Just walk around a bit at your house in them a few days before the wedding, don't be embarrassed. It will definitely be worth it when your dogs aren't screaming at you half way through the reception, or even the ceremony.

Here is a little sneak peak at my wedding shoes that I bought the other day. Now they weren't super sale or anything, which I am definitely known for that but for Nine West they were a steal for only $39.99.

View from above

Sparkly, fun, flirty, elegant, comfortable and affordable!
I really did have my heart set on wearing blue shoes, so who knows I might just snag myself another pair to change into for the reception. We'll have to see. It might be one of those things, if I see the perfect shoe, then I'll make the decision. Well, off to work!

Have a happy Friday everyone!

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