Bridesmaids Day Out!

5:47:00 PM

My beautiful bridesmaids and I have planned a little outing for this afternoon to poke around at some possible bridesmaids dresses. We are planning to go to Dillards where my mom and I had found a couple possible options to give all of the girls a chance to try them on and see what everyone thinks. I really want my girls to feel beautiful as well as comfortable in their dresses. The eyes will be just as much on them as they will be on me, so I want them to look their best and to feel their best also. It is definitely hard to find a dress that looks good on everyone, considering different body shapes and such, but I think it can be done. And if we can't all decide on one dress there is always Plan B, where everyone can have the same color dress in whatever style they feel most comfortable (as long as it is floor length, that would probably be my only requirement). But we will try for plan A first and see how it goes.

Here is the final dress we have chose...I think we have a winner people!

4 out of my 6 beautiful Bridesmaids

The back

A little sexy <3

I love you girls!!
Although only 4 out of my bridesmaids could make it, tomorrow me and the other two might go and try it on just so we know what size to order. This dress is fun, elegant, and a little sexy. Better yet, it compliments every one of them!

So excited to have one more item checked off my to-do list! You girls are so beautiful :)

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  1. Wow Great dress choice!! Love the back of the dress!


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