Coping with Stress

7:07:00 PM

Man has this past week been such a whirlwind. I can't believe that Saturday is almost already over as well. Time is just really starting to go by WAY too fast. In one sense I am excited because it just brings me one day closer to being married, but on the other sense I wish it would slow down a bit so I can stop and enjoy this time in my life.

Morgan and I headed up to Gainesville this weekend to do some labor on the Gainesville house; including, but not limited to cleaning the pool, landscaping and lawn work, installation of a new range and fixing the dish washer. It was definitely a productive day to say the lease! Being back here in Gainesville brought back some mixed emotions for me. On the one hand I am so glad to be back home and be in at least the same town as Morgan. I am so happy to see him every day! But on the other hand it just brought back so many memories from the past three years of my time that was spent here. Morgan and I were able to share a little more than the first two years of our relationship together up here in Gainesville. It is definitely difficult going from having that to being back home and living with my parents who still unfortunately make me come home every night and forbid me to stay the night at Morgan's house. I understand where they are coming from of course, and I know that it will just make moving in with Morgan once we are married even more special, but it is definitely really hard sometimes.

So now that you are some what caught up on my life from being MIA for the past week, my sincerest apologies. So my inspiration for the week is to hold strong whatever the situation, never give up hope and never let the bad times get the best of you. When you feel like you have been through hell and that you can't take any more just remember Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." It definitely brings me peace to know that God is watching over me and that he never gives me any more than I can handle and that he will give me the strength to make it through any situation.

What brings you peace in times of trouble? Do you like to exercise? Do you watch a sunset? Or perhaps you just like to sit and read a good book. Whatever it is, find something that just relieves the stress and worries from your life and try to do it at least once a day or at the very least once a week. You will find that it will really help you cope with all of the stressors in your life.

Have a great rest of the night everyone! :)

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