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So my mom and I spent the night last night stuffing, licking, labeling, and posting our Save the Dates. I am hoping to send them all or most out tomorrow, latest Friday so then people will be able to have them either on Valentine's Day or a day or two after. What better than to celebrate a day created around love than to say "WE'RE GETTING MARRIED BIOTCHES!" :D Okay, so it's a little classier than that, but you get the point.

We've got 112 of these bad boys for about 190 guests...oh my

Now onto the next thing on the wedding to-do list, Find a DJ and reserve blocks of hotel rooms for all of the guests who wish to stay in Sarasota. In fact, that might be more important than the DJ at this point, you know how fast hotels book up. I actually think that my mom, dad, Morgan and I might head down to Sarasota Sunday to see if we can check out some more hotels in the area. I think I have narrowed it down to probably 4-5 possible ones that would be nice to offer our guests.

I want to make sure that we at least give our guests 2 options, one on the less expensive side for all of the younger crowd and then one that is a bit more ritzy for those who want to stay in luxury. All-in-all I want our guests to have an amazing experience and to feel very taken care of the entire weekend. My goal is for each person to leave thinking "Wow". I want each and every person to feel welcome and cared for. It means so much to be able to share this very special day with so many people that love and care for Morgan and I and I hope that we can express our sincerest thanks to everyone who is able to make it to our wedding.

Here are my top 5 hotel choices:

1. Hyatt Place: Located less than a mile from our wedding venue and reception site, they offer free shuttles to the museum. Plus a group rate of only $89/night! This place is super cute and perfect for the younger crowd.


2. Hilton Garden Inn: A really cute place, looks a little nicer. Probably looking at around $100-$120/night with a group rate.

3. Longboat Key Resort: Everything here is absolutely beautiful. Offering regular guest rooms as well as one- to two- bedroom suites, with all rooms having a beach view, the Longboat Key Club is definitely a great choice for those who want luxury without breaking the bank too much. You are probably looking between $250-300/night for the regular guest rooms.

King Room
King room

One bedroom suite

Portofino Terrace
This may be my favorite part of this hotel...I think Morgan and I might stay here, but we'll see.


4. Hyatt Regency: Beautiful hotel on the water with gorgeous views. Very luxury feeling. Looking at approximately $200-250/night with a group rate. Keep in mind that these prices are not set in stone yet, I will narrow it down to 2-3 choices before reserving blocks of rooms. So who knows, it may be less than this.

5. Ritz Carlton: Of course, for those of you who really want to stay in the lap of luxury I may try to get group rates at the Ritz Carlton. Now it will come at no surprise that this will definitely be the most expensive of the choices and for that reason I'm not sure if it is really feasible that people will stay here. I really want most people to stay at the same place so we can go back after the reception and keep the party going! Here we are probably looking between $450-$500/night with a group rate.

I definitely have a lot to think about, so hopefully going to see these places in person will help me decide on which ones we will offer to our guests at group rates. But really anyone can stay anywhere, it is of course up to them, I just want to provide as much as possible for my guests. I don't want them to feel worried about anything at all.

How many hotels did you reserve blocks at for your wedding? Did it seem that most people stayed wherever the wedding party was? Or did they spread out pretty evenly? I want to know you thoughts on what is best.

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