Birthday on a Budget

6:56:00 AM

Today's workout:
Low row
Lat pulldown
30 minutes elliptical, intervals at crossramp 6 & 10, resistance 4

Well the weekend is over and a new work week is here again. But today is MORGAN'S BIRTHDAY!!! Seeing as I have been working for free for approximately 5 weeks now and I am really running out of money big time I really struggled this year is what I should do for his birthday. At first I really wanted to take him on a cruise, because he has never been on one before, but my funds have definitely run short for a gift of that caliber. Then I struggled with getting him perhaps the iTouch or a new pair of sunglasses, but money ran short there as well. Actually what I really wanted to get him was a pair of the Nike ID tennis shoes, but the way he goes through shoes it really wasn't going to be worth it, plus he just recently bought himself 2 new pairs of there went idea number three.

The shoe I had created for him...
So what do you get/do for your significant other when you are on a SUPER tight budget? It starts with really listening to the other person, maybe they mention something that they have always wanted, or perhaps there is something small that you can do that would mean a lot to them. For example, getting their car detailed or cooking a romantic dinner to share together. 

Well in my case, Morgan had been talking a lot lately about how he needed a new pair of headphones, so I got him a really nice pair to start with. Also, yesterday I baked him a cookie cake, from scratch, because it is his favorite. Lastly, a couple of weeks ago, Morgan had told me about a dream he had, that he thought was awesome. So over the weekend I was able to somehow recreate this dream that he had...but that is all you are going to hear about that.

Tonight we are celebrating his birthday with his family, that is why we celebrated his birthday together over the weekend. It was really nice, we spent a lot of much needed alone time together and just relaxed, watched movies and ate good home-made food, what can be better than that?

Happy Birthday to the love of my life! You are my best friend and make every day I spend with you better than the last.
Off to shower and get ready for work and the start of another week. Yesterday was unproductive in the matter of wedding things, so that is on my agenda for either tonight or tomorrow...finishing stuffing and sending out our Save the Dates. :)

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