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7:30:00 AM

Goooodmorning! Just back from my sweat fest at the gym. Here is a look at today's workout...took it a little easier on the weights, because I am really trying hard to build the strength back in my knee (I want to be able to run again!):

Leg press
Calf raises
Leg lifts (both lying down and standing up)
circuit of jumping jacks and high knee running in place for 2 minutes
20 minutes stair climber at level 14...128 floors baby! whew

I have been searching and searching for how I would want to do my hair for my wedding and I FOUND IT! I found the perfect updo that is so sexy and romantic that I could just die. It is so different than anything that I would normally do with my hair, and that's just another reason why I love it.

My inspiration came from an absolutely beautiful wedding in San Ysidro with photography by Jose Villa. You can see why I would not only fall in love with the bride's hair, but everything about this wedding just makes me smile. It is absolutely gorgeous!

The hair <3

From the back...LOVE the hair piece by Siman Tu! 

From the other side view :)
 This couple looks so sweet and so in love, check out more of their gorgeous wedding photos below:
See the whole gallery here

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