Save the Dates Are Here!

8:00:00 AM

Today's workout:
Ab straps - man am I going to be feeling these tomorrow!
Crunches incline bench
Side to side crunches
Reverse crunch
35 minutes elliptical intervals at incline 6 and 10, resistance 5

Yesterday when I arrived home from work I was greeted by a pleasant surprise...a package at the door. What could it be? It hit me like a ton of bricks, OUR SAVE THE DATES! I was so excited and immediately ran inside to open up the package.

They are exactly what I had envisioned, perfect! Now comes the time to really finalize our guest list and make this happen. Time to get my address labels printing and these puppies into the mail. I am hoping to get them to our guests somewhere around Valentine's Day <3

Next big project on the wedding to-do list: Find a DJ

Anyone have any DJ recommendations for the St. Pete, Tampa, Sarasota area?

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