Snowboard Squat and Ab Circuit

8:03:00 AM

Okay, so for all of you out there trying to tone up and get in shape, here is an amazing workout that targets your Abs, Butt, and Thighs. I did this workout yesterday morning and let me tell you I am feeling it today! Yes, I am sore, but in a good way. It is always a great feeling to know that your workouts are actually working and when your muscles are tender that just means they are broken down and preparing to build up and be stronger.

snowboarder1I call it the snowboard squat and ab circuit. You will alternate doing the rotating snowboard squats and V crunches. I was able to do 21 sets in 10 minutes, but the workout will tell you to do it for 15, if you can make it!

1 complete set includes 15 reps of the snowboard squats and 15 reps of the V crunches.
Good Luck!! Let me know what you think after you try it.


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