Sunday already?

8:55:00 AM

Yesterday was so nice to take a break from all of the craziness that usually is my life. Morgan and I went to see his little brother take his MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) test for an orange belt and then just hung out at his place all afternoon. It was a pretty dreary day here, so we just watched movies and ate food, quite a relaxing day to say the least. But waking up this morning, getting ready for church I can't believe that it is already Sunday. I feel like the days and weeks are just flying by recently (which is a good thing, but where does the time go...really?)

I am so ready for my internship to be over, so I can get a real paid position somewhere, and I am absolutely giddy over the fact that my wedding now is only a little over 8 months away. Yes I know that seems like a long time, but with everything left that we still need to do, I know it will go by fast. I CAN'T WAIT! I am definitely ready to be married and to say that Morgan is my husband. Somewhat a weird feeling, since I am basically the first one out of all of my friends and the first one in my family to get married, but absolutely the best feeling in the world to have someone that loves me so much that I can honestly say that we are going to grow old together, side-by-side. What an adventure our lives will be, together.

So on the agenda for today:
Brunch with my parents to celebrate Morgan's birthday (which is tomorrow, YAY!)
Work on putting together our Save the Dates to send
Possible visit to Men's Wearhouse to pick out the men's attire?? This is still up in the air, might push this back to another week
Relax and enjoy the rest of the day with family (before I know it, it will be Monday morning and we will be back in the swing of a new week...)

Speaking of going to find what the men will be wearing at the wedding, I spent some time this morning puttsing around the Men's Wearhouse website to see if I could find anything that I liked:

I came up with this as a possibility for the groomsmen. Black Kalvin Klein jacket with marine blue (same color as the bridesmaids dresses) vest and tie. I think it looks really nice, but we will work on it when we get to go in person.

Option number favorite! I really like the grey ensemble, it is very classy and unique. Everyone would look super handsome in something like this.

Well, off to church! Have a blessed Sunday <3

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  1. ooooh i like the gray choice :)

  2. Me too!! But I really want to go in person and see what Morgan likes. I really want him to be a part of everything, if he wants to.


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