Valentine's Inspiration Board

1:09:00 AM

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday, what a beautiful day it was here in St. Petersburg. So Morgan and I are going to be celebrating our Valentine's Day by making dinner for his grandparents. I have been playing around with a few ideas and I know for certain at least on what I will be making for dessert, tiramisu cupcakes, but we are still working on the rest of the menu.

Now I just need to figure out something special to do for Morgan. I have played around with making something, possibly a little love book or something that will just say how much I absolutely adore him...any ideas??

Speaking of Valentine's, here is a look at my Valentine's inspiration board made with Style Me Pretty's new bridal inspirations maker.

Tomorrow will be a busy, busy day of looking at hotels for the wedding party and for our out of town guests. So off to bed for me!

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