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If I had to title our wedding it would have to be "Vintage Italian". Seeing as Italy might possibly be my all time favorite place on the planet, I wanted to bring some of Italy into our wedding. I want there to be lots of subtle hints of Italy throughout our entire  along with a vintage feel. Some things that we have already decided on to bring Italy to our wedding is for starters the venue. The Cà d'Zan Mansion was built to resemble Venetian Gothic Architecture so it almost looks like an Italian castle. 

The closest I could get to actually having our wedding in Italy :)

Then we have our food, which we have chosen to do Italian themed stations for our dinner. But first we will have some very yummy Italian white glove served hors' derves including lamb chop lolly pops (this one is solely for my dad..hehe), a variety of flat bread pizzas, and my ultimate favorite, bruschetta. Next is on to the main course, where we first have a plated salad and of course a selection of fresh Italian breads and olive oil with herbs available on the tables. Next, we will have an action pasta station, where guests will have the choice between 5 different types of pasta, 5 different sauces, and 3 different proteins. Last, we will have Mediterranean Salmon station. All of the food is absolutely scrumptious, we have already had two food tastings and each time it gets better. 

Next for dessert, we will of course have wedding cake, which needs to be coming up soon on our "to do list", but we will also have tiramisu and pass around gelato cones (I might be more excited for this than the wedding cake to be honest).
My mouth is watering just looking at this picture....mmmmm
There are a few other things that we will be doing to bring Italy to our wedding, we just haven't finalized the details just yet. But don't worry I will be keeping you posted as things get done. :) 

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