Weekend Getaway Recap

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This past weekend, Morgan and I were able to take a MUCH needed alone getaway. Sunday to Monday afternoon we spent the day lying on the beach, drinking wine, eating good food, and just enjoying each others' company.

Our lunch spread...yummm

I love him!
We spent the night at a small hotel in downtown St. Pete, The Pier Hotel, a cute little historical place right in the heart of downtown. With a Groupon, Morgan got a great deal on a one night stay with a complimentary bottle of wine in our room. And this was completely out of the blue, no real reason for doing other than just a reason to get to spend time together. I think I found a keeper :)

The dining space, love the vintage decor

Our night began with some complimentary cocktails from the hotel

Then off we went to dinner and gelato at my favorite place, Pacciugo. We shared a large cup with a delicious combo of 5 flavors consisting of...baccio, tiramisu, mocha chocolate swirl, pistachio, and black cherry. It was absolutely AMAZING!

We spent a lovely evening together and I must say it was really nice to not have to go home at the end of the night and to be able to wake up in his arms the next morning.
On our Monday morning walk

On our morning walk we decided that we were going to set aside money each week so that we could do something like this once a month. It is great to spend quality, romantic time with the one you love, and it is much needed to just take yourselves out of your element for even 24 hours and truly spend time with one another. We even turned off our cell phones for the entire duration of our visit, it was so nice to be disconnected for a short time ;)

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