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So the other day I stumbled upon a picture of a cake in the shape of the Roman Colosseum. This immediately caught my eye and of course I showed it to Morgan who also thought how awesome it would be to have our wedding cake be something completely different and off the charts. Thus began my search for a cake shop here in St. Petersburg and I have since then inquired with two.
It's Icing on the Cake
Cakes with a Kick

I am now in the process of setting up tastings and consultations and I might add that I am SUPER excited for this part of the wedding planning, because I am a sweet freak! My downfall to eating healthy is definitely my overpowering sweet tooth, but you know what, that is why I work I can have my cake and eat it too ;)

Some flavors that we are really interested in tasting are:

1.       Almond Cake with white chocolate Amaretto butter cream
2.       Vanilla cake with pistachio mouse
3.       Heavenly white cake with strawberry butter cream
4.       Champagne cake with strawberry butter cream
5.       Coconut run cake with key lime mouse and coconut cream cheese
6.       Italian wedding cake
 Some ideas on cake design that we would really like to see what each place can come up with is something to tie in our Vintage Italian theme, as well as incorporate the places in Italy which we traveled and/or the place where Morgan and I got engaged. This is definitely a task to say the least, but Morgan and I have never been simple people. We want our wedding to not only be romantic and traditional in some sense, we are definitely wanting to WOW our guests and throw them a couple of curve balls that will make them remember our wedding forever.

The cake that inspired it all!
Love this! Especially the Vespa :)
As you can see our inspiration is from the Italian architecture, but we really just want our cake artist to create something beautiful, unique, and original to represent "us". I'll be keeping you posted on all the yummy cake we will be trying :)

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