Fun in the Hot Tub

9:19:00 PM

Our family is definitely known for finding ways to always have a good time. I think our motto is 'the family that plays together, stays together'. After a long, hard day on the slopes, there is nothing better than relaxing in the hot tub and rejuvenating your muscles. But when it is dumping snow all day, we could't pass up having a little fun while we were in the hot tub J

Morgan made the first move 

This is how much snow that accumulated just today...yesterday they were bare

Mom and I preparing to do something crazy...

Yes, it was cold

Dad...what a goof

Morgan and I...

Making snow angels J
 Now this might be a fun way to "trash the dress" ;)

Alyssa...snow face plant

Zach, getting a running start
Slide into home!

Yes, the family that plays together, definitely stays together! I must say, I am pretty lucky with having a great family who are always in good spirits.

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