It's Icing on the Cake

2:39:00 PM

Tonight Morgan and I have our first appointment to taste cake at a local bakery called It's Icing on the Cake. Last week when I talked to the head baker, Gina, she was very excited about our Italian themed wedding, seeing as she comes from Italian heritage.

This might be one of the most fun things we have done for the wedding in quite a while, and let me tell you, I AM SO EXCITED! J I have one of the BIGGEST sweet tooths out of everyone I know, so it is no surprise that the cake has to be good.

As in one of my earlier posts, you saw the inspiration that we are using for the design of our cake...but flavor, that is going to be a difficult choice. We are able to try maximum of 4 flavors of cake at this consultation; the flavors we have chosen are:
  1. Vanilla cake with pistachio mouse
  2. Coconut run cake with key lime mouse and coconut cream cheese
  3. Champagne cake with fresh strawberry frosting
  4. Traditional Italian wedding cake
Although Morgan isn't really a big fan of cake, I should tell you that he was quite excited about these unique flavors that we have chosen J

Our appointment is at 5:30pm so I will keep you posted on all of the delishiousness J

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