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Yesterday evening, after work, Morgan and I headed over to Tampa to start our wedding registry at Crate and Barrel. It was definitely an adventure and it really made me think about how truly lucky I am to have found my partner in life. He wasn't one of those guys that drag their feet, sulking the whole time, wishing they were at home playing video games. We had a blast together picking out things for our future home together.

I was definitely more like a kid in a candy store let me tell you. With all of the cookware and trinkets it was as if I had died and gone to heaven. Both Morgan and I's absolute favorite thing that we stumbled upon was a retro espresso machine...seriously probably the coolest thing in the whole store. J
I am in love with this thing!
Our big ticket item that would be so awesome to have was a marin bar cabinet. Not too big, but perfect for organizing all of our bar ware as well as wine and other alcohols. When we saw it, we just had to add it to the wish list. Now we are not expecting really anyone to buy us these expensive gifts, but the cashier at the store made a point that sometimes people will pull together and get you a big ticket item as a group, "so don't be shy!" So we figured, what the hey, it can't hurt to just put it down.
Open & Fully stocked J
Want to check out our whole registry? Click here!

Our next stop will be to Macy's where we will finish off registering for some more plates and flatware, as well as our china and things such as a vacuum, iron, the everyday items that we as a young couple don't really have already.

Everything is slowly coming together piece by piece, and it is just crazy to me how fast the time is going to go by. Even though I wish we could get married tomorrow, there is still so much to be done that I am glad we still have as much time as we do to get things organized.

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  1. Hi Morgan! Just wanted to let you know that I am a regular reader of your blog... whenever I sign in to Blogger, I always read your newest posts. I love being updated on your wedding plans :) Sounds like you are doing great in St. Pete, we can't wait to see you guys when we get back!!

  2. The worst part about Matt and I living together is that we already have the essentials so anything we ask for would be doubling over :'(

  3. Crysta- What you can do, which Morgan and I are also going to do is create a honeymoon registry. That way people can help us have an AMAZING honeymoon :)

    Take a look at or


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