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Alright, so I am sure you are sitting on the edge of your seat wondering how the cake tasting went...and the answer is AMAZING! The cakes we tried were absolutely delicious and we are really excited about our design.
Because we want everyone to have a variety of choices, we have decided to have each tier of the cake be a different flavor.

  • tier one: A rum/coconut cake with a tri-berry buttercream filling
  • tier two: A white cake with a chocolate tiramisu mouse filling
  • tier three: A rum/coconut cake with key lime and cream cheese filling
Not necessarily in that order, but none the less, it is going to be deliciouso J

Now on to the design: we have decided to design the cake like the Roman Coliseum to tie in our Italian theme. Of course there will be a couple of surprises that you will just have to wait until the wedding to see, just like everybody else  J

Everything is really starting to come together now and I am getting super psyched. Not that I wasn't already, but you know what I mean.

Just a glimpse at the real thing
Morgan and I in the Coliseum last May J

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