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Everybody expects to sign a guest book of some sort at every wedding they go to. I have been torn coming up with a creative way to either make a guest book or do something else in lieu of a guest book. After weeks of thinking and poking through other weddings for creative ideas, I have finally got it!

Instead of doing the typical sign your name in a guest book with a little message, we are going to over the next 6 months before the wedding collect postcards of Italy and have everybody or each couple write a message to the bride and groom on the postcards. Not only is this going to be a fun way to tie in our Italian theme, but I think guests will really enjoy making something really personal for us to read.

Thankfully we have quite a few collected already from our trip last year to Italy, but the next few months I am going to be scavenging the internet for unique postcards, hopefully I can find sets so I won't need to buy them individually.

Here is one option that I am really loving...ITALY postcard sets from RedComma, a really awesome site for any of your stationary needs.

mini postcard

italy postcard sets

italy picture postcard

After finding these, I came across a lovely little flickr slideshow of vintage Italian postcards...oh how I miss Italy!

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