Antique Key/Coat Hanger

12:21:00 AM

Today while shopping around at TJ Maxx for some new business attire I ran into this little beaut! And I might add this might be my new favorite buy topping the clothes that I bought...

This gorgeous antique key/coat hanger will look quite nice at my front door...and might prevent me from losing my keys so many times J

If you haven't figured it out by now, I absolutely adore vintage/antique looking items, just like this one. I cannot wait until Morgan and I find a house of our own so I can get to decorating it J

I think if I had to describe my decor style in one sentence it would have to be: Vintage inspired with a modern touch and pops of color. I like the idea of having antique-looking bigger items with a touch of modern in the smaller details, playing with the idea of having items that don't really match, but go together anyways. I will definitely keep you posted on the status of our house hunt. It might take a little longer than we had anticipated, but hopefully we will have a place to call home by the time we are married J

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