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Yesterday was the only day of sunshine here in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. With the break in the rain, we had to take advantage and spend almost every moment outside. We started our morning with a beautiful bike ride down into the town to explore the Saturday flea market, followed by some canoeing in French Creek State Park with some of Morgan's family.

Preparing for our bike ride

The knight that greeted us at the door of the flea market J

Do you remember Gumby? I used to love that show as a kid!

Big chair, or Mini Me?

Hahaha you can mow the lawn and feed the birds at the same time J

Before coming up to Morgantown I really wanted to see what all there was to do here. Seeing at is a very small town, you do have to travel outside of the city to do anything major. But upon my excavation of things to do, I saw that nearby there was a state park that offered kayaking, canoeing, hiking, swimming, camping, etc. So when the sun came out, we were there!

All the girls

Absolutely gorgeous! If I lived here, this would definitely be a regular outing spot.

Morgan and I went canoeing with his two cousins Jordan (shown in picture) and Jessica (hiding behind Jordan) J

All that kept playing in my head while canoeing was the song from Pocahontas, "Just Around the River Bend"

We dropped the cousins off on shore and went back out with Morgan's dad, so I got to take a break from paddling and just enjoy the ride.

Morgan's uncle Pete and cousin Jason waiting for a gust of wind while sailing.

We had a great day! I will definitely be visiting the park again the next time we come to visit J

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