Our Italian Engagement Recap :: Part Four

4:00:00 PM

After Rome, Morgan and I headed back to Milan on the train and decided to check our enormous bags for the next week while we traveled around the Northern coast of Italy with simply backpacks. Up first, Venice, followed by Pisa, and last but certainly not least, Cinque Terre.

From Milan we took the train to Venice, where we had no prior arrangements or accommodations of the sort. We got off the train and walked around until we found a decent hotel in our price range...good thing we checked our luggage in Milan.

After Venice we stopped briefly in Pisa on our way to Cique Terre. Just jumped on a bus from the train station to the famous leaning tower and then jumped on another train straight to Vernazza, one of the five cities apart of the Cique Terre.

Morgan trying to push over the tower and me trying to save it J

After our short time in Pisa we headed West towards Cique Terre, a collection of five towns along the coast of Northern Italy. The five cities include, Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore...see ya there!

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