Our Italian Engagement Recap :: Part Three

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After Sicily, our travels brought us to the city of Rome, you may have heard of it once or twice. Another 10 hour train ride, only because our train broke down in the middle of nowhere for two hours, with no air conditioning, brought us to our destination, the bustling city of Rome. Thankfully, for the inconvenience, the train provided us with one complimentary bottle of water each...so generous!

I think one of my favorite things from Italy was riding the trains. It is so quick and convenient and trains will take you to almost anywhere you need to go throughout all of Europe. 

I definitely wish we could have better train transportation here in the US...I don't know why we ever thought the car was more convenient?

After the long train ride, coming into Rome at 9:00 PM didn’t necessarily go smoothly. Because we were renting an apartment a little bit off the grid, we got a tad lost trying to find it. And of course we were carrying WAY too much stuff, so we looked ridiculous plummeting down the streets. 

*** Please take my advice...if you are traveling to Europe, try your hardest to pack just a carry-on or at least the smallest suitcase you can find...no matter how long you are staying. Morgan and I learned this the hard way.

We finally made it and once we got settled in and had a good night sleep, we were pumped and ready to take on the city bright and early.

Rome was definitely the place where we walked the most, easily 10 miles each day, going from site to site. Thankfully we had seven nights in Rome, so we were able to take our time and really enjoy everything. I don't know how anybody could do it in just a day or two.

I loved how there were fruit stands on the roads...pricey, but oh so yummy!

Outside the front of the Colosseum, men dressed up like gladiators J

Circus Maximus, where they did chariot races...can you imagine!?

I loved Rome in the evening, it makes a big city feel more cozy when the sun fades.

In The Vatican City after taking a tour of the Vatican Museum, aka the world's largest museum, where we were able to see the famous and absolutely breathtaking Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo. Unfortunately they do not allow pictures inside the sacred building, but here are some provided by Kodak, who owns the rights to all pictures of the Sistine Chapel...go figure

Just imagine this packed wall to wall with people. That is what it is like when you go in person. But no matter, it is still just as magnificent.

Bustling with tourists...you can see that St. Peter's Square is definitely one of the places to see!

Statues of all of the Apostles stand upon St. Peter's Bascilica

The Pantheon is one of Rome's best preserved ancient buildings. Starting out as a Pagan temple, it then became a church.

The Trevi Fountain...another must see!

Ready for another day!

Piazza Venezia

The Colosseum

Walking through the ancient ruins of the Roman Forum

inside the Colosseum

Back in Vatican City, ready to walk to the top of St. Peter's Basilica 

The Swiss Guard -- I loved these guys J

View from the top J

Enjoying a nice Pope-O-Cinno (cappuccino) on top of the Basilica

On our last night in Rome we decided to go out and paint the town. Of course we had to start the evening with some beer and wine in the room J

Morgan getting ready in our teeny-tiny bathroom

The Trevi Fountain at night was absolutely breathtaking!

Making my wish to come back soon! J

Whew! Even the highlights of Rome are pretty extravagant, and there was still more that I could have showed you. You can see why you need so much time if you really want to enjoy everything Rome has to offer. Next time we will be in Venice...the city of LOVE!

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