Our Italian Engagement Recap :: Part Two

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After Florence we took a 10 hour train ride all the way down to the island of Sicily, where we would spend the next 7 days of our vacation. Here are some of my favorite photos from our time in Sicily.

Our train actually got on to a ferry which took us from the main land to the island. This picture is from atop of the ferry.

Welcome to Messina, Sicily!

The house that we rented in Sicily was situated on an orange orchard. It was interesting to see the land go through transformations while we were there, as there were workers there each day plowing, planting and harvesting.

We had to walk approximately 5 kilometers (up-hill) to buy groceries for the week, stuffing our bags to the brim with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, pastas and cheeses, oh and we can’t forget the WINE!

Thankfully we found a bus stop that took us about 5 blocks from our house so we didn’t have to walk back. That would have definitely been brutal.

When we got home we feasted like kings!

Just read this and you will understand why this was definitely a highlight of our time in Sicily J

Our house was just a few minute walk from the Gole Alcantare, where we soaked up some rays, played in the freezing water and drank wine on the river bank.

One of our favorite places in all of Sicily was the little town of Taormina. Packed with lots of shops and gorgeous ocean views, it served as the perfect location for tourists and locals alike.

The hotel we stayed at for our last night in Sicily was in Taormina. This was the view from our own private balcony! 

Drinks at the Morgana Bar J

Watching the sun rise above the mountains.

Our second hotel in Taormina on the terrace where we ate breakfast.

This concludes the majority of our adventures in Sicily. Next time...ROMA!

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