Picnic Island Adventure Run

11:26:00 PM

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty exciting and busy, but great none the less. Started out the weekend on Friday night by participating in the Picnic Island Adventure Run in Tampa, FL. It was a 3.6 mile course through rough terrain and a few obstacles, such as tires and hurdles, oh and just a little bit of mud. We had a blast! Myself, Morgan, my dad and my mom partook in the race, along with a few other guys in Morgan's workout group.

A look at the race course. As you can see it was all over the place!

Some pictures from last years race...I will post the pictures from this years as soon as they become available.

A video to give you an idea of what the race entailed. It wasn't crazy hard or anything, just a wet and sandy good time. Definitely a small stepping stone to my next adventure, the Tough Mudder. Check it out!

The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key; watched some movies with the fiancé on Saturday night, while it stormed like crazy outside. Then today we ran around all day after church helping a friend of ours move and hanging with family. Busy, busy, busy, but a good weekend overall. 

I am definitely looking forward to going to Pennsylvania on Wednesday to get away for a bit. 5 days to be exact, but it should be fun. Two Morgans taking on Morgantown, PA J Get any better?? We'll just have to see.

More to come.....

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