The REAL Wedding Shoes

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Happy Monday everyone!

If you have been keeping up with my wedding planning, you would have already known that I have a pair of shoes for the wedding already. Well, the other day while puttsing around DSW in Tampa, I came across a pair of absolutely AMAZING shoes that just screamed wedding shoes to me. After trying them on and staring at them in the mirror for approximately 15 minutes, I finally came to terms and decided to text a picture of them to my best friend, Brittany. After seeing them, and agreeing that they were absolutely FABULOUS, she convinced me to buy them. Thanks for the little push Britt, because otherwise I would have missed out on my REAL wedding shoes.

The first pair, a gorgeous set of Nine West, glitter gold, peep-toe pumps. Found at Marshall's for $49.99, with a $20 gift card that was given to me for Christmas, I was able to purchase these beauts for only $19.99. So even though I won't be wearing them on my wedding day, there are many other occasions I can find to wear them. And at that price, you can't really go wrong!

The original pair

Now, my new pair of wedding shoes are absolutely to DIE for! They show off my personality perfectly, with a combination of elegance, glamor, sparkle, and fun. Oh, and did I mention that they are super comfortable! I think I will actually be able to wear them for 10 hours without my dogs screaming at me.

This pair of Steve Madden, antique silver sparkle wedges were a steal for only $54.99 at DSW. A little pricier than the previous pair, but oh so worth it. I'll let my feet do the talking.

The REAL wedding shoes

Even my feet look happier!

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