Bridal Accessories Needed!

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This afternoon, my mom, mother-in-law to be and sister-in-law to be headed down to the bridal salon to try on my dress with some accessories. My mother-in-law has been really wanting to make my veil for me so I wanted to get an idea of the style that I liked. Whether I wanted a blusher, and/or bling, cathedral or shoulder length.

This is all starting to set in now and I cannot wait until the wedding day when Morgan will see me in my dress. It is absolutely stunning and I feel so incredible in it. I won't show you a picture of it, not to spoil the surprise. It is my goal that no one besides those who are in the bridal party will see the dress before the day of the wedding, I need to give this wedding a little ere of mystery. But I will tell you the designer of my gown is Essence of Australia!

Everything was so beautiful, but the style veil I ended up loving was a simple circular cut veil with a silver pencil edge. What I liked about the circular cut was that it gave me the blusher that I wanted with beautiful symmetry. I tried on some with crystals, some with ribbon and some with lace, but ultimately I really liked the look of a more simple veil with maybe just a touch of shimmer in the fabric. The dress already has so much stunning detail that I just don't feel the need to have an extravagant veil. Sometimes more is less.

Here is an example of the style that I adored. The one that I tried on was very similar to this in length and style.

I don't know why, but the way that it laid, it just looked so elegant and really made me feel like a bride. I can't wait until August gets here so I can start my fittings and then October when I can finally showcase you and my husband the dress! J

Here are some magnificently priced circle cut veils found on Amazon: 

This Ivory Circle Veil is absolutely gorgeous! Think similar to Kate Middleton's veil style to picture what this 
would look like on. Just need a gorgeous tiara to tie it all together!

Looking for something a little more dramatic??? Try this Cathedral length....

I think I have also decided that I am going to wear a tiara for the wedding, at least the ceremony. I have found quite a few online that I like, because buying them from a bridal boutique is completely out of the question. I do not wish to spend $100 on a hair piece that I am only going to wear for one day. I think I will put my budget up to $50, but that is still kind-of pushing it, because I would really like to spend less than $35.

Here are my top contenders, so far...


They are both so beautiful, but I think I am leaning towards the first one....only $24.99 + $5.99 S&H, I can totally do that!

Are you looking for your wedding day accessories? Hair Comes the Bride has an amazing selection for all of your bridal hair accessory needs. Another great source is Tiger Lilly, a well known bridal jewelry and wedding hair accessory designer. Check em' out!

Good night Lucky in Lovers!

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