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Finding nice envelopes to use for your wedding invitations, or any letter for that matter, can be tricky. There are so many choices out there and are you really willing to spend $75-100 on envelopes? For this reason I decided that I would make my own envelopes, not only to save money but to make my invitations even more unique. I know that not everyone has the time to put in to make their own invitations and envelopes, but if you do, it is totally worth it! J

Make your own envelopes!
Supplies needed:
- specialty paper (12x12") of whatever style you like
- glue stick
- scissors
- pencil
- one envelope of the size you would like yours to be


1. Start out with finding the type of paper you would like your envelopes to be.To save money on specialty paper, I bought a large pack with 180 sheets for only $11.99 from Michael's Craft Store. But if you are only needing or wanting to make a few you can always buy the paper individually, they are usually between $0.59 and $0.99 a piece.

2. Carefully open the envelope of the size you are wanting to make your own, so that you will be able to trace it.

3. Trace around the edges of the envelope.

4. Cut out your traced envelope.

5. After you have cut out the envelope, place the original in the center and fold in the edges over top, so that it is precisely the size you want. You can fold your envelopes so they have the color on the inside or the outside, these here are folded to have the colored part on the inside. Now my reader will get a special surprise when they open their letter!

6. Glue down the side edges.

7. You are finished! Now stuff and send your personalized envelopes. Your receivers will not be disappointed J

I am so in love with this idea and am so excited to bring yet another personal touch to our wedding. Now I will give you a little heads up that it does take quite a bit of time, so make sure that you do have the time (and patience) to dedicate to this project before taking it on, especially if you will be making them in bulk. Good luck and have fun!

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