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This past weekend was spent cooped up studying for one of the most important tests that I will take in my life, the GMAT, Graduate Management Admission Test. That's right, my little tooshy will hopefully be attending the Masters program in Business Administration at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg this Fall. My test is Thursday afternoon, so I may be a little MIA for the next couple of days, between work and studying, but I will do my absolute best to post something each day.

During my time as an undergraduate, graduate school was the furthest thing from my mind. I had absolutely no desire to continue school, thinking that it wouldn't be that hard to get a job after college....WRONG! After being unemployed for nearly a month after graduation, I came to the realization that graduate school might actually be that little something extra that I need to further my career path. Although I have a great job now, it is only part time and it really isn't where I see myself for the rest of my life, even the next five years. But it is the perfect opportunity for now while I continue my education and broaden my work experience.

Not only will I be bettering myself, but because Morgan will also be attending the Masters program at USF we will be able to spend more time together as a young married couple, even if it is just studying. We came to the conclusion that we would much rather be together studying than start out our lives together on completely different pages, barely seeing each other but at night time. This is definitely something that is important to both of us and I just pray for patience and strength to get through the next few crazy days and pass my test.

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